Pierced and Potent

Pierced and Potent

“It is finished,”

Means it’s just beginning…

And co-creativity.


Flow and glow,

And River patrol.

Last shall be first,

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst.


Washing our feet,

Will be enough.

There is no need,

For all that extra stuff.


Sacrifice?  It’s done.  Go learn what mercy means…


Guillotines solve the problem,

Of split minds…

Jesus was a chicken with His head cut off,

So avoid what’s benign.


His blood cures,

And infects.

Not dirty like mud,

But cleansing the crud.


Be washed.

Be cleansed.

By His wounds,

We are healed to receive this new lens.


So peer from this perspective.

One given not earned.

Both desired and required,

To see the enchantment that none of us deserve.


The Kingdom is coming.

The Kingdom is here.

Within which we see,

Without free of fear.


Ghosts of Christmas haunt,

But never last.

Only One left standing,

To salute in this cast.


Her name is Love.

She descends as a dove.

To empower this heavenly journey,

Humanly fit like a glove.


So remove your stained glass,

If just for a peak.

Drift inward to see,

And hear this Love speak.


Peer through this lens,

One glance and ascend,

To a clear and free vantage,

Of Beginning and End.

Glory’s Garment

If I had but one day left
I would remain quiet
and wait

To see God
through how
you see

Would you give
that to me?

If I had but one day left
I would give it
to you

For you to
find God
in who You
were made
to be

Would you receive that
from me?

All the cares
all the concerns
with this single turn

If you had but one day left
would you open
up to see

That inside you
awaits Infinite’s

Clothed in flesh and blood
buried beneath lies and misery

Invite it in
let it have

You are the treasure
you have been seeking

Salvation is
homecoming is
your inheritance

If you had but one day left
would you dare to trust
that your inclusion at the banquet is a must?

Kick your shoes off
Dance in the dust

Discover that
tattered and bruised
are enough

Because Grace
The Naked

If I had but one day left,
I would remain quiet
and wait

To see God
through how
you shine

Glory’s garment

Autumn Leaf

For Taryn

Fall comes upon us now,

Like a turn of the page.

Representing Newness and Saunter.

We slow down, and eagerly await…


You see, somehow things have changed,

And they won´t return.

We too find ourselves like the Autumn leaf,

Strong, scarlet, beaming and growing in intensity.


The first signaling,

Of Winter´s coming,

Our eve,

Of such Fragility.


Soon to be laid bare.

Birth´s Story.


We know all too well,

These Stormy Seas.

You´ve rode down with me,

To Hell, with keys.


Staying near,

In my hemorrhaging.

I vow to return,

Such lavish hospitality.


You see Dear,

I am the fruit of your commitment…

The reflection of what you´ve given,

Reflected back as you deserve.


Let me cover you my Lover.

Let me whisper with my hands.

Hear them transmit my belief in you.

They are my Heart´s true stand.


It´s Life I seek,

To protect,

In this Cave together,

We have carved.


It´s dark I know.

But soon we´ll see,

This backdrop´s gift,

Contrast to Light´s Mystery.



Today is not a new day, unless allowed to be…

Today is not a test to be passed, nor a threat to be survived.

Today is not a riddle to be figured out, nor a stage to be performed upon.

Today is not mine to protect, nor is it yours for the taking.

Today demands nothing, while inviting Everything.

There’s no timer indicating Today’s beginning.

Today is.

Today will be what Today will be.

Today can be molded but never manipulated…

It can be shaped but cannot be scrapped.

Today cannot be shared until accepted.

Today cannot be possessed until surrendered to.

Today cannot be wielded until possessed.

Today cannot be observed, unless it includes participation.

Today must be lived.

Today must be dove into.

Today is not an obstacle to overcome…

Not a second chance to redo or undo what’s been done.

Today is like an unfolding dawn, given to expand what is seen.

It includes Yesterday, and Recycles History.

Today demands unknowing yet expels fear.

It invites vulnerability, yet does away with insecurity.

Today relentlessly invites the Now-even while being guided by Tomorrow.

Like intimate companions Today follows Tomorrow, or is it Tomorrow that follows Today?

Today does not hurry, yet neither does it wait.

Today both shakes and fills…

Enter into Today-a boundless inquiry of Mystery and Thrill.