Life neither owes you anything nor is it out to get you. Both ideas are to be relinquished. The first, is your right to feel entitled. The second, is clinging to the familiarity of fear that says you’re not worthy of carving out a place for yourself in this world. If engaged authentically, life will both humble and dignify you in its struggle. It is the nature of grace to dress you in the vulnerability of your realized nakedness.

2 thoughts on “Life”

  1. I’m just now once again refreshing my heart on the value of loving. Being loving. Acting in love. Responding with love. Being present quietly with love. Waiting in love. Asking God to replenish love in me. Appreciating the wonder of love. Thanking God for love. Recognizing the love that flows from the cross. Being drenched in His abundant love. Passing live on. Transforming wayward feelings into love through the grace of Jesus Christ.

    Life (& all its troubles) is the channel through which we learn the lessons of love.

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