Pierced and Potent

Pierced and Potent

“It is finished,”

Means it’s just beginning…

And co-creativity.


Flow and glow,

And River patrol.

Last shall be first,

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst.


Washing our feet,

Will be enough.

There is no need,

For all that extra stuff.


Sacrifice?  It’s done.  Go learn what mercy means…


Guillotines solve the problem,

Of split minds…

Jesus was a chicken with His head cut off,

So avoid what’s benign.


His blood cures,

And infects.

Not dirty like mud,

But cleansing the crud.


Be washed.

Be cleansed.

By His wounds,

We are healed to receive this new lens.


So peer from this perspective.

One given not earned.

Both desired and required,

To see the enchantment that none of us deserve.


The Kingdom is coming.

The Kingdom is here.

Within which we see,

Without free of fear.


Ghosts of Christmas haunt,

But never last.

Only One left standing,

To salute in this cast.


Her name is Love.

She descends as a dove.

To empower this heavenly journey,

Humanly fit like a glove.


So remove your stained glass,

If just for a peak.

Drift inward to see,

And hear this Love speak.


Peer through this lens,

One glance and ascend,

To a clear and free vantage,

Of Beginning and End.

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