Autumn Leaf

For Taryn

Fall comes upon us now,

Like a turn of the page.

Representing Newness and Saunter.

We slow down, and eagerly await…


You see, somehow things have changed,

And they won´t return.

We too find ourselves like the Autumn leaf,

Strong, scarlet, beaming and growing in intensity.


The first signaling,

Of Winter´s coming,

Our eve,

Of such Fragility.


Soon to be laid bare.

Birth´s Story.


We know all too well,

These Stormy Seas.

You´ve rode down with me,

To Hell, with keys.


Staying near,

In my hemorrhaging.

I vow to return,

Such lavish hospitality.


You see Dear,

I am the fruit of your commitment…

The reflection of what you´ve given,

Reflected back as you deserve.


Let me cover you my Lover.

Let me whisper with my hands.

Hear them transmit my belief in you.

They are my Heart´s true stand.


It´s Life I seek,

To protect,

In this Cave together,

We have carved.


It´s dark I know.

But soon we´ll see,

This backdrop´s gift,

Contrast to Light´s Mystery.

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